December 7, 2008

Michele Hart blogs: Hooray! Song of the Muses is out!

What an exciting time for the muse authors of Song of the Muses. All 3 novella anthology paperback books are out, and I’ve had a great time reading all the stories. The Wild Rose Press rocked and treated us wonderfully.

Fans of Greek Myth! Don't miss this anthology! Writing, Tragedy, Music! Astronomy, Erotic Love, Dance! History, Comedy, Glorious Praise! Read the stories of the muses who inspire you!
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Talkin' Shop
It’s been a pleasure being a part of this big anthology project. I've never written anything as short as a novella, so it was a challenge, indeed. I’ve become close friends with several of the muse writers, and we call one another “sis” after the 9 muse sisters of Greek myth for whom we write. That felt good and uniting. You’ll just love the stories that came from the collaboration. I wrote the story for Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, No Funny Stuff!, nestled in the middle of Book III along with Alisha Paige (A Love Beyond Time)and Valerie Everhart (The Victory of Lugh). I’m particularly lucky my story was placed between two great writers.

Writing, Writing, Writing. Blogs are always filled with advice for new writers and published authors, and that’s important. Take all the good advice. Instead of dishing out good advice, I’d rather share something that was passed onto me and I'm still learning. Here are two positive Nevers.

Parts of being an author just plain stink. Submissions, synopses, rejections, and book trailers. Just keeping up with promotions and e-mail fills my day much of the week. (Can I hear an amen from my published sisters?) Finely tune your perseverance, the power to go on writing, no matter what obstacles or opinions lay in the way. It's so easy to get stuck in the business of writing that you're taken away from writing. Never forget the pride of publishing overcomes all the difficulties.

And then, never take it all too seriously. : - )
(Thalia gave me that last Never.)

Happy Holidays,
Michele Hart
~Walk Another World~
NO FUNNY STUFF!-The Wild Rose Press

Okay, here’s my commercial. You know it’s against the law not to do this.


Links Galore! No Funny Stuff! hit The Wild Rose Press’s Bestsellers List and stayed there for 2 months.

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Song of the Muses Anthology in Paperbacks!

Book I: stories for The Muses of Writing, Tragedy, and Music:

Book II: tales of the Muses of Astronomy, Erotic Love, and Dance:

Book III: stories for the Muses of History, Comedy, and Glorious Praise:


Happy Day to All!

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