December 5, 2008

Christmas Carol Blog Train - 23+ Prizes

Here's your chance to win a $75 gift certificate, plus one of 25+ other prizes. Just follow the blog train each day to its new the song of the day and keep track of them. On December 24th, you'll learn where to send your song titles to so you'll be eligible to win the $75 The Wild Rose Press Gift certificate. In additional, posting a comment on the daily blog will make you eligible for daily prizes! Here's a list of where to start. They've already held their daily drawing, but checking out their blogs and discovering their song will get you in the running for the the $75 G.C. Good luck and have fun!

Nov 29
Nov 30
Dec 1 WRP at **
Dec 2
Dec 3 2 today!--
Dec 4 Roni Adams at **

**There are TWO different posts at The Wild Rose Press, one on the Dec.1 and one on Dec. 4th. So be sure to look for both of them.

And for the record....I blog on the 18th of December!

Anna Kathryn

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Skhye said...

Good news! You won a creative blogger award. Check it out.