June 2, 2008

Internet Woes

My computer or my Internet service, one, is not playing nice. For the last few weeks, it has decided that on occasion (actually, on lots of occasions) it'll 'not respond' to what I've asked it to do. Usually, what I've asked it to do is open my e-mail. But, nope, it doesn't want to do that.

I have AOL, which I get and pay for through my DSL connection with my phone company. So, when I had enough of the 'not responding' responses, I called the phone company to complain. They informed me that the problem wasn't theirs, even though when I opened Internet Explorer and not AOL, it does the same thing. So, I tried to contact AOL about it. They told me, via a recording, that I didn't have the AOL program that allowed me live accesses to the Tech Dept. and if I wanted to talk to someone about my AOL problem, I had to upgrade my program.


So, far, I've not bothered to call back my phone company or AOL. But I'm going to. Isn't taking money for a service and then not providing that service fraud? When I can't even open my mail and read it, something is drastically wrong.

One of the other things I've been trying to do is upload onto this blog my newest book cover. I can reach the 'done' page, but before the 'done' button pops up...well, AOL decides 'not to respond.' So after trying for a half dozen (or more times) I just gave up.

All in all, it's very frustrating.

I hope some day, soon, it fixes itself, if not, I may have to take this up with both my phone company and AOL...neither one of whom will like me very much when I'm through.

~ Anna Kathryn


Lyn said...

Anna, I can so relate to this. I too have AOL and somehow, stupidly, allowed myself to get 'conned' into signing up for another 18 months on the promise of faster service and a slightly cheaper rate. (It's already about twice the price of other ISPs) WELL, I don't know what's happened to the fast service, it's gone from snail to slug speed. It's lost several of my emails, bounced others, and is so slow fetching up sites that they often 'time out'. Unless there is a fantastic improvement I'll be changing at the end of the 18 months, even if it does mean changing my email addresses.

Love your cover by the way,


Rashmi said...

Yeah, we went thru something like this too. But since changing to FIOS, we've had very little trouble.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Well, glad to know it's not just me, lol. I think I may have to take the computer to the Geek Squad, though. According to AT&T, it's not their fault, it's my comptuers....ha!

Anyway, thanks for the comment on my cover. I wanted to add more, but I had to upload the picture at my mom's house (since computer wouldn't let me) and I didn't have my blurb. I thought, I'll edit it when I get home, add the blurb.

Well, guess what? My computer won't let me. It freezes on me when I click on edit. So, I'll post another blog with my blurb.

~ Anna Kathryn