June 17, 2008

Guest Blogging

Okay, so I'm going stir crazy over here in the hot heat of Texas. Yeah, that's it, the heat is frying my brain. The fact I'm the contest chair for an RWA chapter contest, that received 2.3 times as many entries this year as it did last year, and I had to find judges for those entries, might also have something to do with my craziness of late.

But, I digress. So, I thought I was guest blogging on Ginger Simpson's blog. And I am, but what I was really supposed to do was guest chat on her yahoo loop. I wrongly remembered I was supposed to guest blog on the blog while at a play date for my granddaughter and no computer was to be found. But I stopped by my mom's and dropped in a blog, thinking all was not lost.

When I finally got home about 4 PM, I had a zillion messages asking where I was, since I was supposed by guesting on the loop. I quickly put up some posts, talking about my day, and my stories.

But I can still guest blog for a while (not really sure how long, but a week or two). So I will be over there and I see that a few other authors are blogging as well and leaving lots of interesting posts. So hop on over and check it out (see post below for the link, please).

I'll be thinking of something interesting to say, I promise!

~Anna Kathryn

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