May 3, 2008

Electronic Publishing, with Jane Carver

Today I attended my local RWA’s monthly meeting. Jane Carver, editor-in-chief of Midnight Showcase Fiction - - spoke about Electronic Publishing. Her talk was very informative.

She stressed that an author should look at electronic publishing as a stepping stone where one can gain experience, exposure and connections on the way to a bigger publishing house.

Read the contract
Study story line edits carefully
Learn from copy editing
Ask questions/expect answers
Cover design input
Write tighter the next time around

Publisher’s website
Loops with other writers
Personal website/myspace
Word of mouth/emails to others
Book signings and presentations
Writers’ groups
Meet and greets

Author groups
Writing contests
Unexpected encounters of all kinds

There are pros and cons to being with an electronic publishers.


Electronic Houses offer faster turnaround
Electronic Houses offer more opportunities for out of the norm subgenres


Print Houses have a larger circulation
Print Houses offer more money for promotion

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