July 9, 2011

Saturday's Salacious Suggestions

by Kimberly Ivey

Armand Giancarlo, former romance novel cover model turned erotic author writes under the nom de plume, Raven Midnight. Uninspired by his current work in progress and with less than six weeks to finish on deadline, Armand reserves a suite at a secluded sea side in thousands of miles away from his bustling LA mansion. He hopes the island serenity will help him regain focus on the book project he's fast losing interest in. There he meets the beautiful, yet reclusive proprietor--Mira Reece--a major distraction.

The jaded-for-love Mira Reece believed she was immune to the charms of men until the mysterious boarder who calls himself Mr. Jones (Giancarlo) arrives. After a bit of sleuthing, she discovers he's a former romance novel cover model, and now an erotic romance author. Years of self-imposed celibacy, combined with the lonliness of running the Inn drives Mira into the arms of the sexy as sin Giancarlo.

Too bad neither of them are looking for love. Or are they?
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marybelle said...

"Sexy As Sin" got my attention. I will be chasing up further.

Becky said...

This sounds very good, I will have to see about getting this book to read more of it.