March 16, 2010

What's your Day of Birth say about you?

I found this on the internet the other day and think it's interesting.  It explains your personality based on the day of the month you were born.  For example, I was born on the 19th of the month.  According to this horoscope:

19th: You are so self-sufficient that you may be miserable if you lack the independence you crave. If you're able to strike out on your own, you can thrive in a variety of fields.

Now, I discussed this with my friends, saying I didn't think of myself as independent.  Two of them argued back, telling me that I'm one of the most independent people they know.  One pointed out that I'd gone on a 3,500 mile car trip all by myself back in 2006 (except for one leg of the journey, about 500 miles, when I did have a shotgun rider).  So, I thought about it some more and I guess I am self-suffecient.  I'll go about getting things fixed on my own, without always discussing it with my husband.  Luckily, as the 3,500 mile car trip (to an RWA Conference and visit with friends) points out, my husband nurtures this need for independence. He may grumble when I ask to do things, but in the end, he ususally lets me do what I want.  This has included the car trip, flying twice to the East coast (once for a wedding and once for another RWA conference), a 1800 mile, one way, car trip with my then teenage daughters, and a 10 day trip to Europe with my older daughter and a group from her school.

I am now making plans to attend the Nashville RWA Conference, which I plan to drive to, hopefully with a friend, so I won't be alone on this 1,000 one-way trip.

Only one friend has talked to me about what his day said about him, and like me, he disagreed with it. But I had to disagree with his disagreement.  It says he loves change and excitment and will try new things and travel in order to acheive this.  I totally agree.  He's one of the busiest, most invovled people I know (sports, scouts, school) and, according to him, has visited every state in the lower 48 states, except one.

One thing I did find interesting - all three of grandchild's 'horoscopes' say that they will travel.  The brother and sister will both want to be globetrotters.  The other shares the same birthday as my friend above, which hints at the need to travel in order to achieve changes and excitment.  Hmmm, maybe they'll open a travel agency together.

Anyway, check this 'horoscope' out.  Do you agree with what it says about you or not?

Birthday Numerology

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Anna Kathryn Lanier

Where Tumbleweeds Hang Their Hats


LuAnn said...

Mine says:
5th: You're lusty ... wanderlusty, that is. You love a good change of scene and crave travel and adventure.
I do love travel and adventure and often crave it, so I suppose it does describe me!

Judi said...

Really interesting. The birth days fit for me and all of my kids. Didn't check out the grandkids, but probably works for them, too. I sent the link to the kids to see if they can see themselves ;-)

Ginger Simpson said...

Very Interesting. Mine was pretty accurate, but then I looked at my husband's.
15th:Your creative nature pushes you toward the arts, and your eloquence sells you as a true, timeless talent.

Yes, he is creative...has restored classic cars of rust to things of beauty, but eloquence! HA! This is the man who on our second date told me that my thighs were a little larger than those of women he usually dated. Smooth!

LuAnn said...

Oh, fun, Ginger! I couldn't resist looking at my husband's either:
29th: You have a rich imagination and a visual approach to every area of your life. You might wow others with your creative brilliance!
No, no, no! That doesn't even come close to describing him. LOL!
Maybe this only works for women?

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Anna!!!

The dates for my family were very true!


Susan Macatee said...

LOL, Anna! Mine is the total opposite of me. Here it is.

You love change and excitement -- remember that you need both to feel truly alive, so travel often and try new things constantly.

In truth, I'm a homebody, who prefers relaxing at home to traveling anywhere. And I love my routines. The only excitement I want is what the characters in my books experience.

AnneMarie Novark said...

Great post, Anna.

Mine is the 19th, too. I think it's a little iffy, but I am pretty self-sufficient in certain ways.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hi, everyone. Great comments. I've talked to a couple of people about the horoscopes, and I think we just don't see ourselves as others see us.

But I do agree with the husband's comments. Mine husband's says:

You're an "ideas person" when it comes to dreaming up new ventures, and you back this with business and money savvy.

I'm not sure about that 'dreaming up new ventures" stuff, but he was money savvy.....and I believe he's an ideas person at work....

Virginia said...

Mine says

You have an aura of authority about you, but feel most comfortable leading others when you feel it's collaboration

I am not so sure about this one for me but this is very interesting!


Mary Ricksen said...

I am gonna go look and see what it says about me!!
How you doing Anna!!

Becky said...

Mine says:
21st: Your creative visions and unique ideas are propelled by your determination to succeed in artistic projects.
I suppose this is true about me, when I have the time to do artistic projects.

P.L. Parker said...

LuAnn - I'm the same. I got excited when it said "lusty" and then it went on to say "wanderlusty." Yeah, I love to travel.