March 5, 2010

Click to Give - The Literacy Site

Here's another fast way to help change the world.  Click to Give at The Literacy Site everyday to help raise funds for books for low income children.  According to the site:

Within the U.S., access to books is essential to reading development: the only variable that directly correlates with reading scores is the number of books in the home. However, most recent data describes a profound, even shocking gap: while the ratio of books to children in middle-income neighborhoods is approximately 13 books to 1 child, the ratio in low-income neighborhoods is 1 book to 300 children.* In addition, over 80 percent of childcare centers serving low-income children lack age-appropriate books. Together, The Literacy Site and its domestic partner, First Book, provide children from low-income families in the U.S. with books they can take home and keep.

*Neuman, Susan B. and David K. Dickinson, ed. Handbook of Early Literacy Research, Volume 2. New York, NY: 2006, p. 31.

Another statistic I found interesting is that only an average of 80,000 people a day click on the site!  Wow.  I find that to be a very small number, although I admit, I don't click everyday.  Reading is not only a door to other worlds, it's a door that leads to a different life.  People who can read can do things in their lives they never thought to do, especially in countries with high illiteracy rates.

Now through March 15th, the site is doing a special 'fund raiser.'  The value of your click will be doubled by Pi Beta Phi and the site hopes to raise enough money to purchase 35,000 books for low income children.  With only ten days to go, they are FAR below this goal.  Click to Give the gift a reading.  It's that simple.

Click to Give at The Literacy Site.

Anna Kathryn


Virginia said...

I think this is a wonderful thing! I went and click and will try to do so everyday!


Hywela Lyn said...

This is such a painless way of helping those less fortunate. I'm an ardent animal lover, (I have a rescued dog, two rescued cats and two horses) and I click daily on the 'animal site'. Then I thought 'it only takes a few seconds, surely I can spare that for the other sites too!' So now, when I log in to click on the animal site, I also click on the breast cancer site, the rain forest site, the hunger site, the child health site - and yes, the literacy site. This is such a simple and easy way of helping such worthy causes.

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Hywela, I'm the same way, I click all the sites. Even when my computer is being a pain and really slow, it still only takes a few moments to click through the sites and help all the causes. I've even bought some products through them. You have to be careful about clothing, though. Their idea of Large and mine differ greatly! LOL. But otherwise, I've been pleased with what I've received.

BTW, the Literacy site met their goal of 34,000 books for underpriveliged children.