June 2, 2009

Anna Kathryn's June Give Away Basket

Did I ever tell you I sucked at titles? Thus the catchy and romantic "Anna Kathryn's June Give Away Basket" title. Well, it's not the title that counts, but what's in the package, right? And in this package, you'll get a basketful of summer reading:

WHAT A LADY WANTS by Victoria Alexander
TEMPTING THE PRINCE by Patricia Grasso
SKINNY DIPPING by Connie Brockway
THE SHOE QUEEN by Anna Davis
THE WINTER ROSE by Jennifer Donnelly
NIGHT KEEPERS by Jessica Andersen
GARDEN SPELLS by Sarah Addison Allen
SECRETS Vol. 2, multiple authors
LA VIDA VAMPIRE by Nancy Haddock
A LITTLE BIT WICKED by Victoria Alexander
TALK NERDY TO ME by Vicki Lewis Thompson
A CD copy of my novella SALVATION BRIDE

Just visit The Roses of Houston's blog for all the details: http://rosesofhouston.blogspot.com/2009/06/anna-kathryns-june-give-away-basket.html

Anna Kathryn Lanier
Where Tumbleweeds Hang Their Hats
Heartwarming, Sensual Westerns


carlabuck said...

This sounds like an awesome basket and I would love to win it. I'm busy trying to look up your words that you have posted right now instead of cheating, lol. I love reading your pages. Always fun and informative.

Caffey said...

Hi Anna! Just wanted you to know that I didn't play for this because I read many of them and wanted someone to win who doesn't have alot of them! Lots of great pics in that basket!