May 24, 2013

Want a fresh look at your works - Bid on a critique

BRENDA NOVAK'S AUCTION IS OVER FOR 2013!  IT RAISED $335,000, PUSHING HER OVERALL FUND RAISING TO $2,000,000. Thanks to everyone who participated!

One thing Brenda Novak's Online Auction for Diabetes Research offers is critiques, and lots of them! (more than 150)  Critiques by editors, agents, and authors!  Critiques for contemporaries, historicals, paranormals, world name, you'll find a critique for your manuscript.

The auction ends in SEVEN don't hesitate, bid now.

Here's some links to a few of the auctions being offered up for bid!

46 Agent Evaluations - click HERE for the list.

53 (others can be found throughout the rest of the categories) Authors' Critiques - click HERE for a few being offered.

53 Editor Evaluations - Click HERE for the list.

Now, here's a few direct links to critiques/evaluations being given by friends of mine.  Some are still available at great bargains, so get your bid in early! (sorry for the format, blogger is not being very nice tonight.)

50-Page Critique (Inspirational or Romantic Suspense)

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