December 15, 2012

Holiday Cheer - New York Cheesecake

By Sarah Richmond
Here’s my big reveal: my secret New York cheesecake recipe. Believe me, your friends and family will be talking about this cheesecake all year long. There will be BIG hints dropped when birthdays are approaching and reminders of how good your cheesecake is when you’re invited to house parties and get togethers.

I cannot take credit for the recipe, however. About twenty-five years ago, the New York Times ran a contest for the Best Cheesecake Recipe of NYC. The winner was a newlywed who received the recipe from her Grandmother—along with a ten-inch spring form pan-- as a wedding present. 

When my oldest daughter married, one of my aunts wrote out some of her favorite recipes as a gift, which set me to thinking: Special recipes are made because of love and caring. Handing them down gives a new generation the opportunity to do the same. 

So here is my recipe—along with all the love that goes into making it—for you to share with those you love.

Merry Christmas 

Sarah Richmond

New York Style Cheesecake

Line 10 inch spring form pan with graham cracker crust.  (Eight  graham crackers crushed and two tabl. butter.)

Four 8oz pkg cream cheese
Two cups sugar
Six eggs
One pint (16oz) sour cream
Two teaspoon vanilla 

Combine cream cheese, sugar and eggs. Then add sour cream and vanilla.
Cook 45 minutes at 375degrees in 10 inch spring form pan.

No peeking.  

Turn off oven and leave cheesecake in oven for one hour. Let cook and refrigerate. Leave in pan 24 hours for best serving results. Keep refrigerated.

·         If you mix by hand the cheesecake will be more dense. If you mix with a mixer, the higher the speed, the taller and less dense the cheesecake will be.  A tall cake will be more prone to crack on top. 

·         I have tried low fat cream cheese and low fat sour cream and they change the taste of the cheesecake.

·         Large eggs work best 

·         The quality of the vanilla will determine the taste! 

·         I have taken liberties with the graham cracker crust, using instead chocolate cookies or vanilla wafers.

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Sarah Richmond
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Barbara Edwards said...

I had this recipe and lost it when we moved. Thanks for the early Christmas gift. I'm making it for my family.

Karen Michelle Nutt said...

I love cheesecake!!
Thanks for the recipe.

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