July 30, 2012

The Nose Knows.....

by Robin Badillo

Thanks for having me, Anna Kathryn.

It’s quite a treat to be out and about, spreading my weirdness on other blogs. Fortunately, it’s already nice and comfy here.

I rarely get an opportunity to lighten up and have a little fun considering the stories I write are mostly about blood thirsty vampires. Don’t get me wrong, my vamps know how to let their hair down and have a good time, but they’re usually on the prowl for a warm meal or up to an entirely different type of yummy stuff altogether. *wink wink

But, I’m not here to talk about them, well not exactly.

I’m here to talk about eReaders and good old fashioned books…you know, those rectangular things filling all the libraries and bookstores?

It occurred to me that one reason so many die-hard readers have yet to purchase a Kindle, Nook or one of the other many devices has less to do with economics or conservation and more to do with their noses.

Now stay with me here.

While clicking from one page to another on my Kindle, trying to get back to a page I had inadvertently lost while accidentally pressing down the little doohickey on the side, something caught my attention.

Not that my thumb was tired of pushing the button, or that it was taking forever, but that I couldn’t smell anything.


I know you’re probably wondering what I was drinking at the time when this epiphany struck, but trust me, liquor has never had this kind of an effect on me before—except the times when certain men have become much better looking after a pitcher of margaritas. Don’t judge.

What I mean about smell is that whenever I’ve thumbed through a paperback, when the breeze swishes across my face, the smell of new, fresh paper usually accompanies the air…come on, you know what I’m talking about. *knowingly nodding with you

Well, my Kindle had no smell.

Here’s where my genius epiphany comes in…

Did you know that in this ever-evolving age of technology, with computers, smartphones, and apps for just about anything and everything under the sun available right at your fingertips, the one thing I have yet to see is an app to bring smell to our treasured devices.

Ohh, I’ve heard rumors! I’ve seen all sorts of cool stuff while being forced to watch G4 with my son, but nothing has been actually created and put into use at this point…of course who knows what was just invented while you were reading this post. *shrugs

Wouldn’t it be cool if Kindles and Nooks had an app we could download to give us all those nostalgic emotions that come with reading paperback or hardcover books? All the perks while being eco-friendly and saving trees?

I bet there is such a thing on the horizon, but in the meantime, maybe someone should invent a scratch-n-sniff sticker we could adhere to the top of our device…right at our fingertips!!

Genius, I say, genius.

Now, not everyone gets excited by walking into a Library or Office Depot the way I do, so maybe a new book smell isn’t the best scent for all.

Imagine curling up with your eReader to read a good pirate story and have the smell of the salty ocean breeze right there, just waiting for you to inhale? Or perhaps you would savor the smell of fresh grapes while you read about two lovers overcoming all odds as they save their family’s vineyard. And don’t even get me started on a story about a helpless romantic who owns a quaint little bakery in Queens. Can you smell the cupcakes or hot apple pie? Well you could if you had a scratch-n-sniff sticker on your computer. J

It may just be some crazy idea and yeah, I have a chuckle just at the thought of it, but hey, with all the advancements in today’s technology, isn’t it our job to push the envelope? After all, necessity is the mother of invention….why not invent something to make our trip into the future that much more enjoyable?

I hope you all have a great week. Look out August, here we come!

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