November 2, 2011

Wednesday's Chow - Chocolate Chip Cookies

From this week's guest, Skhey Moncrief comes a treat: CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES THAT MAKE YOUR FRIENDS' HUSBANDS WANT TO MOVE IN.  And if you missed her blog, you missed some other really sexy treats, so stop by her blog and check them out!


1 bag of Hershey's SPECIAL DARK chocolate chips (only this brand)
***Use the cookie recipe on the back of the bag.
Substitute butter-flavored crisco for butter (1 stick)
Use dark brown sugar for brown sugar
1/4 cup of molasses
#1 rule you can't break: You must use crisco so the cookies don't run and turn into thin wafers.
#2 rule you can't break: Cover a cookie sheet or two with aluminum foil--for handy clean up and helps if you bake the cookies too long.

Mix sugar, eggs, vanilla, crisco, and molasses. Add salt and baking soda. Then add flour. (I think that's everything.) Then add the choc. chips. Bake as directed. Do not let them brown while baking. They will seem a tad moist. But they continue to cook on the cookie sheet for a minute after you remove the tray from the oven. I learned this working at the Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Company in college! It's true!!! If they brown a smidge around the edge. It's okay. If they brown more, remove the tray from the oven and take the cookies off the cookie sheet. This means quickly slid the sheet of foil with the cookies onto a cool cookie sheet or I put them onto my granite countertop (cold surface) to stop the baking process. I want the cookies moist and thick. People always ask me to make THESE cookies. They get angry when I tell them I baked some because I didn't bring them a few! LOL
Skhye Moncrief

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marybelle said...

Chocolate Chip Cookies are always a winner.