May 9, 2011

Author Linda Engman

Hi everyone! I can’t tell you how excited I am about the release of my lastest romance novel, Falling For You. When people find out I’m an author there’s always lots of varied questions. I thought I’d share a few of my most asked questions with you-

How do you start a novel? One of the first things I do when starting a new manuscript is to collect photos of my characters, clothes, secondary characters, and I even take photos of scene locations. Then I sit down and write each chapter as they come. I don’t plot too far in advance. Music is also a really big influence for characters and scenes. I always have a “soundtrack” for each book.

How do you think up scenes? First I think of proximity. The characters have to interact a lot, so scenes develop out of throwing them together in normal places like weddings, restaurants, the grocery store, or work. The only difference is the characters have to do something that catches you off guard and makes the scene compelling and memorable.

Are your heroes based on real men? Each of my sexy rugged heroes are completely made up but definitely can have qualities of the ‘real life’ men. I got the idea for Cooper Gerhardt’s character in
Falling For You from a former NFL football player that I’d worked with years ago and a local NHL hockey player. But Cooper’s tough-gruffly sweet personality is definitely his own.

What are you working on now? This past winter I completed another romance novel
Manhattan Holiday, set in New York City and Miami and takes place over the New Year holiday. It’s fun, sexy, steamy and totally romantic. I’m working with my editor to get it ready for the upcoming 2011 holiday season. I’m also finishing the first of my four Navy SEAL books. The first story takes place in Lindstrom, Minnesota. I know—a tough Navy SEAL stranded in a small town in Minnesota? It’s definitely fun besides heartfelt and romantic. I’m also developing a sexy-fun-sizzling romance about a wedding planner who gets a little too involved in one of her weddings. That’s all I can say...even the title is top secret!I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a look at my writing process. And special thanks to Anna Kathryn for hosting me today.


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One irresistible hockey player, one sexy female attorney, a case of mistaken identity, and one hot night all leads to—undeniable love.It was supposed to be a simple move back to her home town of Cedar Point, Michigan for attorney Heather Grant and her two young sons. Only she hadn't counted on being rescued her first day back by a handsome auto mechanic. Widowed and looking to mend her broken heart, the last thing Heather anticipates is falling for dangerously good looking Cooper Gerhardt with his devilish smile and mysterious questionable background.
The only thing tough hockey star, Cooper Gerhardt wants is a year to heal his injuries, work as an auto mechanic to kill time, and get back to something that resembles a real life. That is until he comes to the aid of gorgeous attorney Heather Grant, with her sinful body and smoldering eyes, and finds himself wildly tempted and rethinking what he wants out of life.
But will Cooper be able to forget about his painful past and give his heart all the way? Will Heather be able to trust and love again now that she's back in Cedar Point?


Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Linda, thanks for the interview. I always like to hear how other writers work. You're book sounds great, too.

Linda Engman said...

Thanks for having me here today Anna. I'm new to blogging and now I think I'm getting hooked! It's fun sharing some of the process of writing with readers and other authors given that most of the time writing is a solitary job. Except for those times when I attend an event or go places and people are curious to find out that I'm a writer and want to know how a story gets turned into a published book. I find it great fun and love to answer all their questions! :)

Becky said...

I enjoyed reading this interview with Linda Engman. Linda is a new author to me. Falling for You sounds like a good book. I have added this book to my list to get. I will have to check out Linda's other books.

Judy said...

Congratulations on your new release, Linda! I'm predicting it will be a real winner!

Linda Engman said...

Thanks for stopping bye Becky, glad you like the interview! And thanks so much Judy!

Anonymous said...

Great post and congratulations on your release. I love the NFL and the mix of sports personas in your hero sounds scrumptious.
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Linda Engman said...

Thanks Joy! Glad you like the post. I love sports too-football and hockey, so it was a lot of fun to write about Cooper. I have to say he's a hunk, no doubt about it. ;)

marybelle said...

FALLING FOR YOU sounds just wonderful.

marybelle said...

FALLING FOR YOU looks wonderful.

Linda Engman said...

Thanks Marybelle! FFY was so much fun to write. I miss Cedar Point! I might have to do another story in that town. :)