April 4, 2008

The Year of the Rat

This is the Chinese Year of the Rat, which is what I was born under. One would think it'd bring me good luck. But so far, this has not been a banner year for me. 2008 came in with a bang, literally, when a man ran a red light and, going 65 mph, hit me while I was driving my daughter's 8-month old car. The damage was so bad her car was totaled. I had moderate injuries and was just coming to the point where I could stop seeing the chiropracter when I rear-ended another car on the freeway. The reason for this accident was a 2x3 trunk someone dropped into the middle of the interstate. Both vehicles sustained damage. My van was moderately damaged, but it's 11 years old, so the insurance decided to total it. Aside from severe whiplash, I was okay, as was my 4-month old granddaughter who was riding with me. The other driver said he was okay, too, but the insurance told me he was turning in a medical claim. That's fine. If he's hurt, I want my insurance to take care of him. I certainly hope these things don't come in threes, cause I've had more than enough wrecks to last me 3 decades (which is how long it's been since I last had a major wreck!). ~Anna Kathryn

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