April 6, 2008

Out with the old...In with the new

So, on Saturday the 5th, my husband and I went car shopping. (see blog below for why) After a short discussion, we decided to buy a Ford Escape. I didn't drive until the next day (because I let him test drive it, since I'd test drove a similar one on Wednesday without him and I had to drive the rental car home). The first drive to church. It's a very smooth ride compared to my 11 year old van. It has a sun roof, which I'm not too sure about, because it's very sensitive to the touch and will open the little vent if you don't touch it just right...this is hard to explain, but the sun roof will open completely like a window. But you can also vent the back end of it. If you don't touch the 'close' button just right, it goes from closing the 'window' to opening the vent. I may not be opening the sun roof window very often.

I'm still learning all the buttons and knobs. In particular, there's this little button next to the gear shift. It's not the overdrive, that's on the gear shift itself. It has a sun on it, a car and a hill. I've pushed it and haven't noticed anything happening. Maybe I wasn't going fast enough, maybe it's an ejection button and I'll be popped right out of the car one day....lol.

I may have to go to my dealership and ask them what that button is for.

Oh, I'm so excited about one thing...a radio that works! My van's radio had been short circuited one day when I went through a car wash (note: turn off your AC when you go through a car wash, the soap will come through the vents). So, you had to push both the 'clock' button and the button you wanted to push: volume or channel. The scan and search buttons didn't work well at all. So, now I have a CD player (tape player in van) and Sirius radio....hundreds of channels. I've only listened to the Country stations so far, but will search out others while on a road trip this weekend.

For now, I'm happy with my new car, but I admit, I miss my van. After 11 years, it was part of the family!

Anna Kathryn

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