February 15, 2013

Arbitrary Friday - Dog Breeds that Attract the Opposite Sex

Okay, it’s after midnight, I should be in a bed, but I just now came across something to blog about today.  I’m sure if I’d put my mind to it earlier, I could have found something else to blog about (I did think about blogging on disabled cruise ships)but I didn’t. It’s been a busy day.  (Belated Happy Valentine’s Day, btw).

Anyway, I just now saw this link on the AOL home page: Dogs That Attract The Opposite Sex. Well, I had to look at that page; not that I want a dog (as I have one already) nor a husband (as I have one already). But as a romance writer, I thought it would an interesting read. 

Men like women with poodles and Chihuahuas because they think the breeds suggest women are easy to bed and dumb (think of the people you see in the news who carry around Chihuahuas in their purses) but the women are NOT girlfriend material. Now, if you want to be seen as girlfriend material, get a Golden or Labrador retriever.

What breeds of dogs do women like to see him walking? Siberian Huskies, with their attractive, vivid blue eyes, ladies tend to think the owners are more manly. Women also like men with Labrador retrievers.  This breed of trustworthy and committed dog suggests that the male owner is less likely to cheat. And, like men, women are attracted to Golden retrievers as well. Women think the dog’s fun-loving, happy attitude reflects a more positive and active owner.

Check out the post HERE for more breeds to attract the opposite sex, as well as which ones to avoid!

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