February 4, 2012

Saturday's Salacious Suggestions: Western Romances

Starting this month, I'm going to do genres on my Saturday's Salacious Suggestions.  This week, just cause it's what I write, we'll do Westerns, historical or Contemporary.

Let's see, let me make a schedule right fast:

Feb. 11 - Paranormal
Feb. 18 - Historical
Feb. 25 - Contemporary
Mar.  3 - Young Adult
Mar. 10 - Historical Western
Mar. 17 - Regency
Mar. 24 - Sci-Fi
Mar. 31 - Erotica (historical or contemporary)


Ginger Simpson said...

I suppose you can consider my time-travel a western since one of my heroines is a pioneer wife. I always promote it as a time-travel with an historical twist, but in this case, I'll say a western twist. :) Here's the blurb:

When two women from different eras switch bodies and time, you can bet there are more sparks involved than the electrical storm that caused the time-travel. A modern-day attorney is no match for the pioneer wife she replaces...how can you live without a cell phone, a blow dryer and mascara? And the prim and proper Mariah isn't the least bit prepared for the fashion, fuss and modern gadgets that come with being in the 20th century. She almost faints when she takes her first plane ride. Will they find a way back to their own husbands and time?

Sisters in Time, available through Eternal Press and also on Amazon for Kindle, computer or print. Happy time-traveling with an western twist.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

PARADISE PINES SERIES: NIGHT ANGEL released August 21, 2012 by Desert Breeze Publishing

Sassy Amalie Renard, a poker-playing saloon singer, shakes up Paradise Pines, a former gold-rush mountain community by turning the saloon’s bar into her stage. Her amazing voice stirs the passions of the hotel owner, a man who anonymously travels tunnels at night providing help to the downtrodden as the mysterious Night Angel.

Declan Grainger agrees to subsidize the building of a music hall to fulfill Amalie's dream, but a bounty for her arrest could spoil his plans.

Distrust and jealousy stir flames of malice and revenge threatening to destroy their town. Drawing from past experiences, Declan and Amalie turn to each other to find a way to save the community.

Beth Trissel said...

The colonial frontier, including the Shenandoah Valley where I live, was the west in the early settlement time period--back during the French and Indian War...that era. The frontier continually shifted farther west until it reached the other side of the country.

This blurb is from historical romance novel Through the Fire:

At the height of the French and Indian War, a young English widow ventures into the colonial frontier in search of a fresh start. She never expects to find it in the arms of the half-Shawnee, half-French warrior who makes her his prisoner in the raging battle to possess a continent––or to be aided by a mysterious white wolf and a holy man.

Link to my Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/Beth-Trissel/e/B002BLLAJ6/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

Or just do a find on Beth Trissel

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

By Anna Kathryn Lanier


The last thing Christina Scott expects Santa to bring her is a sexy—and very familiar—cowboy. Gavin Holloway’s just as shocked to discover she’s the woman he’s sent to pick up from the airport for a Christmas visit with her brother. They'd spent one hot week together months ago—a week where they both left their identities and individual problems behind. Neither ever expected a reunion.

Little do they know, Santa's elf has more than coal up his sleeve. Ho ho ho and a badgering we'll go before reindeer two-step on their rooftop and deliver THE PRICELESS GIFT that will leave their snowy days sizzling.

FMI and Buy links:


Cheryl Pierson said...

My new release (this past week), Kane's Redemption, is a VERY sweet romance--but more about what happens to Will, the 10-year-old boy that is the POV character, and Kane, the mysterious man who rescues him from the Apache. It's the first novella of a trilogy that I hope to have finished by the end of the year.

A ten-year-old boy fights for his life when he is taken prisoner by a band of raiding Apache. Steeling himself for death, Will Green is shocked when a lone man walks into the Apache camp to rescue him several days later.

Driven by the secret he carries, Jacobi Kane has followed the Indians for days and needs to make his move to save the boy. With the odds stacked eight against one, his chances for success look pretty slim. But even if he's able to rescue the boy and they get out alive, what then?


Anna Kathryn, thanks so much for the opportunity to post our blurbs!

Jannine said...

Love along the California Trail
Hot and sensual

Her gambler father murdered, Rachel Garrett joins a wagon train west to be with her aunt and the fiancé she's never met. Her dream is to forget the life she led performing on stage to earn the money her father gambled away and settle down in one place. But along the trail, she is helplessly drawn to a priest--forbidden fruit--and her hopes are shattered.

Professional gambler Reno Hunter is wanted for the murder of James Garrett. His disguise as a priest on a wagon train is foolproof, until he discovers the woman the old gambler wagered in that fatal card game and Rachel Garrett are one and the same. Can he protect his identity and his heart, or will he surrender to his desire for Rachel and risk being apprehended by the law?

Buy links:

The Wild Rose Press


Barnes and Noble

Nancy said...

HI, I just put my new short out yesterday, The Rancher's Irish Bride.

Cattle Rancher, Clay Roberts is furious to find his prime grazing land up in smoke. He doesn't expect to find his neighbor, Maeve McKenna battling the flames. Her flimsy excuses don't hold water for either him or the sheriff. As much as he doesn't want anything to do with her, Clay finds himself pushed in the position of having her under his roof until the Judge returns. Close quarters with this Irish beauty is playing havoc with his libido. Can he resist her mysterious charms or will a flash of those green eyes turn his will to dust?
Maeve McKenna knows that Clay Roberts is her soul mate despite of his refusal to accept the inevitable. When she goes to the meadow to perform a ritual described in her Gram's book of magic, everything backfires. Accused of arson, she decides to use the time under Clay's roof to get him to see the error of his ways. However, jealousy raises its head in the form of Savannah Masters.
When evidence found near an abandoned cabin links Maeve's brothers to a scheme involving rustled cattle, will it t urn their flames of desire into ruined ashes or will a bit of Irish luck make Maeve McKenna ... The Rancher's Irish Bride?

It's available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon for $1.99 Visit my website for more www.nancyoberry.com

Tanya Hanson said...

Beth Trissel, awesome blurb and I just visited the Shenandoah Valley! What a terrific place.

Tanya Hanson said...

RIGHT TO BRAGG, by Tanya Hanson
Book Four, Hearts Crossing Ranch series, White Rose Publishing.

Disowned by her family, Tiffany Vickers faces a lonely Christmas and takes great comfort in the baby boy in her care. Her faith in tatters, she guards her heart against the baby's uncle, handsome cowboy Bragg Martin, a man with baggage of his own.

While Bragg longs to open his heart and family to the lovely nanny, he doesn't understand her interest in his arch enemy. Saving a man's life and saving Tiffany's faith bring the couple together…and home to Hearts Crossing Ranch.


MJFredrick said...

Thanks for this opportunity!

Sunrise Over Texas

Kit Barclay followed her husband into the wilds of Texas only to be widowed. Stranded with her mother- and sister-in-law to care for, with no hope of rescue before winter sets in, Kit has only one goal: survival. So when a lone horseman appears on the horizon, and then falls from his mount in fever, Kit must weigh the safety of her family against offering aid and shelter to the handsome stranger.

Trace Watson has lost everything that ever mattered to him. Trying to forget, he heads to the frontier colony of San Felipe, not caring if he lives or dies. But when he wakes to discover he's being nursed back to health by a brave young widow, he vows to repay her kindness by guiding the three women back to civilization, no matter what the cost.

Soon, Kit and Trace are fighting the elements, Indian attacks and outlaws—as well as feelings they both thought were long buried...

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B0041KLBEY
BN.com: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sunrise-over-texas-m-j-fredrick/1025045884?ean=9781426890543&itm=3&usri=sunrise+over+texas

Emma Jay said...

I have two western historicals--love me some cowboys!

Wild Wild Widow is my first:

Rebecca Chatham is no stranger to scandal. She and her husband delighted in shocking San Francisco society with their sexual exploits, not hard to do in 1888. But now her husband is dead. He left her penniless, forced to live under her wealthy father’s thumb. While searching for a protector, she once again becomes the focus of society gossip, and her father exiles her to her brother’s ranch in Central California.

Rebecca is miserable, until she meets the very handsome, very virile ranch foreman Judah Merrill. A real cowboy. Though she’s aware of their differences in status, she pursues him with a single-mindedness, until he catches her in the creek (and in the barn and on horseback). But what happens when she falls in love with him? Will he accept her wild wild heart?

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B005KT0H2W
BN.com: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/wild-wild-widow-an-erotic-romance-emma-jay/1105684387?ean=2940013013674&itm=1&usri=wild+wild+widow

And In the Marshal's Arms:

Marshal Rhys Burgess always gets his man. To catch a notorious bank robber, he seeks out the man's sometimes-mistress Maddy Colby. She lives on her own on a farm that needs a lot of work. He presents himself to her as a handyman...and waits.

As he waits, he gets to know Maddy, who is nothing like he expected. Isolated on the farm, shunned by the townspeople because of the choices she's made, Maddy is smart, generous and hard-working--and lonely. Every day he finds her harder and harder to resist...until a snowstorm strands them alone together in the tiny cabin.

Then Rhys needs to discover...is getting his man worth losing his woman?

Amazon: http://amzn.com/B006MLBJDS
BN.com: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/in-the-marshals-arms-an-erotic-western-novella-emma-jay/1108147744?ean=2940032948827

marybelle said...

Featuring different genres is a fabulous idea.